Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Job

I work in the education field as a paraeducator. I stopped working last spring when the student I worked one on one with moved to another state. I've been looking at job boards for the two nearest districts the past few weeks. I've been fortunate not be so desperate that I can be a little picky about what I'm looking for and what schools I'd want to choose from. My first choice is the school I worked at last year because it's also where my boys attend. Close to home and no schedule conflicts since its the same hours as them.

Well that school called me yesterday and offered me a job! It was a nice surprise when the secretary called. She says... "Hi Angie, we were wondering if you wanted a job?" I said.."Well, yes, actually, what are we talking about?" It's only a temporary position for now. They need a one on one assistant for a kindergartner. He will be assessed fully Oct. 24th. After the assessment it will determine if he needs to go to an early primary class at another school, in which case my job would be over and I'll start looking again. Or he could be staying and just need an assistant to be with him all day where I would become full time again. I'm not sure yet which I would like to have happen.. I'll get back to you on that after I've worked with him for a week or so. LOL.

This came at a very good time. We were just saying it may be time for me to step up my job search and branch out to other areas. This seems to be how my job opportunities have always come to me... just when I need them to, with little effort on my part. I'm not bragging, I'm just very thankful!!

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