Saturday, September 6, 2008

You can let go....

I was bored this morning and flipping channels. I came across this video on CMT:

I lost my dad when I was 16. He died from an aggressive form of cancer. He was never able to walk me down the aisle, like in the song, but he did help me ride a bike and my heart did break many times seeing him in the hospital. This was over 20 years ago. I didnt go up to the hospital the last night, I dont remember why. My mom told me it was probably good that I didnt, since he had a far worse day than the day before, when I last saw him. I remember always praying he would get better; just a little bit longer, hold on, you can get through this. On that last night, I went to bed and finally prayed that if he needed to let go, please help him realize it was ok now. We got the phone call in the wee hours, that night. I knew what it was, as soon as I heard the ring.

Now, I know I have no divine intervention and I dont pretend to be religiously spiritual. I have a relationship with God, I call myself a Christian. But I know, that one small prayer was more for me than anything else and it is something that I've taken with me all these years as a comfort and healing tool in getting over the loss of my father.

So to the writers of this song: Thank you. I've had a good cry and I've relived the old memories of the good days, for that, I'm grateful.

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