Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In sickness and in cars....

Well, Sam's strep got better with a 10 day course of antibiotics. He had his Pirate birthday party that went rather well considering we had 9 kids here ages 8-11; mostly boys.
Unfortunately about 3 days after he was done with his medicine, he got a new fever and swollen tonsils. We went back to the doctor that day and they gave him a new (different) antibiotic. She said it was definitely tonsillitis and she could do the swab to recheck for strep, but since she said she would treat him with the same medicine either way, I didn't put him through that painful step.
So now we wait. He has his yearly 'well child' (hopefully) check up on Tuesday and we'll see how he looks then. Hopefully this is the last of it.

In other news, we're thinking about buying a new car. We have a van now that isn't in terrible condition but we've had it 5 years and we'd really like something else. With my oldest 19 and driving herself everywhere anyway she never rides with us anywhere. We don't need 7 seats anymore. We've decided we really like the Jeep Liberty. Tony and I test drove it today and we both love it. So, we'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Updates:

My little guy is sick. Well he isnt so little anymore. He'll be nine on Wednesday. NINE? It cant be possible. He was just born in 2000.. has it really been 9 years??
Well now he has strep. Home from school, miserable. He seemed a little better this morning before we went to the doctor but I knew the ibuprofin was keeping his fever down and knew better than to second guess it. About an hour after we got home, he was in tears with how bad his throat hurt. It's been hurting since yesterday but this was the worst he's felt it. Thank God he has the antibiotics started so he can get some relief soon.
We had a good set of holidays. Thanksgiving was yummy, as always. Got to see family we only see twice a year, had a nice visit with everyone. Christmas was a little different this year. We got so much snow and ice right before, so some of the family wasnt able to make it down to the in laws. It was a very quiet Christmas but special all the same. We had a big New Years party at our house and all the family that couldnt come at Christmas made it down for that.
The New Years party was a blast. We had a wig party. Most everyone wore a wig or fashioned their hair in some fun way. LOL. There was a contest and we had 5 big winners. So much fun!
So now the next 2 events are Sam's party this weekend. A pirate theme. We have a couple of games and a couple crafts planned. Hopefully he'll be back to his old bouncy self by then. After that is the Superbowl. Still not sure of the menu or how many people will be here. I dont think it will be as big as New Years, that was 31 people, I'm sure it will be a little less.
Gotta run check on Sam, till next time....