Monday, October 13, 2008

A little work update

Today the school called about that subbing job. It took a while to get going because the girl who's leaving doesnt start at the new job until this Wednesday. They want me to start tomorrow to shadow her for a day so I know what I'm doing.
The job was posted for that position last week and I did apply. I weighed all the pros and cons and feel, at this time, it would be best for us financially and I am willing to commit to those hours through the end of the school year, then we'll reevaluate in June. The posting closes on Wednesday and I assume they will start on the interviews after that.
My dreaded fear.... the interview. I'm very self critical. I know everyone says this but I am one of those people that thinks of what I wanted to say WAY after I should've said it. And no matter how well I may do, I will rip apart the entire thing in my head for a couple of days after it. I'll think of all the ways I should have answered this question or that. It's annoying. I truly have anxiety whenever I think about it. I printed out sample interview questions for this line of work and have been writing things down so it's more commited to memory what I'd like to say. I feel it will help me keep the frame of mind I need.
The funny thing is, I know the people interviewing me, they were my bosses last year and very nice. This really shouldnt intimidate me at all, I think it's just that natural fear of public speaking and since I do know them, if I totally bomb and look like a fool, they are people I see on a weekly basis when I'm at the school for other things.. its not like I'm never going to see them again.
I'm rambing (as usual) but need to get these things out of my head. I just want the process to be over with.... yesterday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's interesting how things come and go. I mentioned that I got a new sub job that could work into more. Well I worked for 4 days... 4 long, exhausting, emotional days. I dont know if it was me not being used to working, the mental/physical stress of the job or a combination of both. On that 4th day, I was going to mention to my boss how taxing it was and that if the position became a permanent one, I probably wouldnt be applying for it and before I could, they came to me and said they couldnt get the district to pay for my subbing and they had to find someone internal who is already being paid to be there to do it. So I'm back at home for now, and I didnt have to burn any bridges in the process.

They did call with another offer for a different subbing position working in the Resource room with small groups. It's probably a 7-10 day job until they hire someone permanent. I could apply. I'm weighing my options on it. It's the room I worked in before so I know everyone there. But it's more hours than I originally wanted. More hours means more money, yes.. I get that, and that would be great. But I'm trying to consider other things in my life as well. I really enjoyed working for 3-4 hrs before, getting home before anyone else and having time to do the things I need/want to do around the house. I dont like getting up and rushing around to get everyone out the door, including me, working the school day and coming home with everyone in tow and rushing to get homework and dinner done before collapsing at night and starting all over again. And still feeling like nothing got done at home. I've always been a homemaker. My heart is here, my thoughts are here. I know that the day to day grind is sometimes the only option people have. I've always been fortunate enough to be here most of the time without having to work or only having to work part time. SO basically the options I'm weighing are how I feel about getting into more hours and how I'll be as a mom/wife. I dont want to be naggy, griping and grumpy just to make a few more dollars at the end of the month.