Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The land of coffee and lattes

So, I got a bunch of Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards for my birthday back in May. My mom gave them to me for a new coffee pot since mine was so old, descaling was not an option anymore. After MUCH research, I finally settled on the Bunn with thermal carafe. I really like it. After my coupon and gift cards I still had money left over (yay me). So, yesterday I went and picked up a Krups espresso maker. Now I can make my own lattes too! (We've been trying to cut back on all things unneccessary, like Starbucks $4 lattes...). A friend of mine has this same machine and she is, admittedly, a little neurotic. She did all the figuring and found out at that making a latte at home costs only 75 cents!! That's using good coffee, milk and vanilla flavoring (or any flavoring, really). What a bargain compared to $4! Since the machine was practically free (I paid just over $9 after gc/coupon), it's a friggin' steal! I also like how cute and petite it is. It doesnt take up much counter space at all. It's sitting right next to the coffee pot and is very easy to use. (not making commercials today... just saying...)

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